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Beijing small d technology co., LTD,Is a professionalITSolution and service provider,The company is committed to provide customers with leadingITSolutions and high quality service
For the enterprise to create high efficiency、Security、StableITPlatform,Use of advanced information technology,Help enterprises to take off

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We are professionalITThe service provider can customize the exclusive solution for you
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Main management personnel and technical backbone are from the industry's top companies,With ten years experience in service,Committed to the professional to create a first-classITService、System integration brand

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  • itOutsourcing/Cisco
  • itOutsourcing/Aceracer
  • itOutsourcing/Microsoft
  • itOutsourcing/Dell
  • itOutsourcing/Lenovo
  • itOutsourcing/Benq corp
  • itOutsourcing/The Canon
  • itOutsourcing/SONY
  • itOutsourcing/Hewlett-packard (HP)
  • itOutsourcing/Asus
  • itOutsourcing/IBM
  • itOutsourcing/D-link
  • itOutsourcing/Huawei
  • itOutsourcing/APC
  • itOutsourcing/Hikvision
  • itOutsourcing/SeagateSeagate
  • itOutsourcing/Gigabyte technology
  • itOutsourcing/The friend
  • itOutsourcing/Digital China
  • itOutsourcing/Deep faith in science and technology
  • itOutsourcing/Logitech
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